5 Health Cliches That Stay True

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Topping the list of the health cliches that continually serve to be true, is:
    1. Eat a lot more vegetables. 

      Fruits and vegetables are essential for your body’s recovery and for the well being of your health. Health conscious people and doctors suggest that we should have 5-9 servings of fruits and of vegetables a day, and unfortunately most people don’t make the time to do that from day to day. 

    2. Reduce intake of fatty foods. 

      Near toward the head of the list is the intake of fat drenched foods. The thought of it may be enough to hold you back, but it works as a charm and incentive for many others. Fat, processed foods are convenient and readily available, and once they become a habit are indulgent and hard to get away from. Set a goal to reduce your fatty food binges.

    3. Maintain a positive attitude.

4. Breathe in consecutively, and deeply.

A basic building block of your daily life and experience involves breathing. If you were to only focus for 5 minutes on your breathing after a particularly stressful moment in the day, or in a quiet period in the morning, and continue the activity whenever you have a quiet moment throughout your day.

5. Spend your time with Healthy People.

You are most like the closest 5 people you spend most of your time with. Are they healthy thinkers? Are they health-conscious? Do they care about taking care of their body and mind? The people you surround yourself with will influence your attitude and action you take toward bettering your health.